Recruitment Agencies

  • Hospitality Staffing Solutions, the nations leading supplier of talent for hotels, resorts, casinos, and other hospitality venues, has unique service options as an alternative to H2B/J1 programs. With our national network of offices, along with a San Juan, Puerto Rico recruiting hub, we can bring talent to partners far and wide to support summer/winter operational needs.
  • HSS helps properties find qualified hospitality staff by leveraging its Puerto Rico office. We can help your property find seasonal or long-term staff in housekeeping, food & beverage, maintenance, landscaping and more.
  • Properties find qualified hospitality staff through its national pool of talent. We work with properties with seasonal and hard to reach areas to recruit, arrange transportation and housing, and ensure the right levels of staffing are provided.

Recruitment Agencies

  • Southy Hospitality as a Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider believes that talent acquisition is its core competency. We go beyond time and geographical area to look for the efficient human resource management team for our clients. The complete responsibilities of the entire HR operations of our client are managed by our experienced team of experts.

  • We are dedicated to our clients so as understand their culture and we are committed to building a long term relationship with them by constructing sustainable manpower. Let us connect for more details onto the recruitment process.

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